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> Intensive French language courses: DUEF

Deux étudiants et une étudiante devant la façade classique du bâtiment nord de l'Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse.

> Dates for the 2 sessions:

- Session 1 from 7th September to 18th December 2015 (one week of holiday in October/November).
- Session 2 from 8th February to 20th May 2016 (one week of holiday in April).

> Fees for 2014-15:
1 semester : € 1330, including € 600 for pre-registration.
2 semesters : € 2530, including € 900 for pre-registration.

For enrolment, a cheque of € 600 for one semester or € 900 for two semesters must be sent to the CUEFA together with the application form. The amount can be paid by international banking transfer, too.

> Target audience:
Any person who has completed secondary school studies and who wishes to learn French or improve his/her knowledge. This French course can provide access to student status and card.

> Application:
Requirement: completion of secondary school studies (equivalent of French Baccalauréat). See the application form (pdf) for details.

Pre-registration is recorded on receipt of the completed and signed registration form with the information requested on page 6. Final registration is validated on site after completed and signed the "Administrative Register" folder with all the required elements (including a long stay visa valid for the entire period of training for nationals of countries outside the European Economic Area). All these formalities have been completed you will then get the student status and card.

> Levels:
From beginner (A1) to advanced (C1). Level A1 only during the 1st semester, level C1 only during the 2nd semester, on condition a minimum number of students are enrolled.

On the first day, students take a written placement test. They are placed into groups corresponding to their language level. There are 15 students per group on average (10 to 20 depending on level).

> Pedagogical approach:
Pedagogical objectives are defined according to the Common European Language Framework (CELF). You can refer to the CELF global scale to know more about CELF levels.

>> Use of a textbook and workbook (provided by the CUEFA).
>> Communicative activities using a wide range of media (audio, video, press ...).
>> Study of the language connected with active discovery of the city of Avignon and the region of Provence (meetings, interviews, treasure hunts ...).
>> Study of the language based on individual or group projects.
>> Language laboratory work and/or multimedia lessons.

> Contents:

Each language course unit is built around a dominant skill : speaking, writing, reading, listening.
In addition, the following course units are offered:

- phonetics (A1 to B1 levels): 1.30 hour per week;
- French culture and society: from 1.30 hour to 3 hours per week;
- creative writing: (for B1 or B2 levels only): 3 hours per week;
- history or literature (for C1 level only, during the second semester): 3 hours per week.

> Additional activities:
>> Optional workshops can be offered (cinema, theatre, song ...).
>> It is possible for students to enrol in sports or cultural activities offered at the university.
>> Advanced students may also attend lectures at the university (e.g. history, literature, law ...) as “auditeurs libres” (subject to availability). "Auditeurs libres" attend lectures but cannot take examinations and do not receive grades.
>> Student association Echanges, whose goal is to facilitate the integration of international students and to get local and international students to mix, offers a wide range of activities throughout the academic year (excursions, cultural events, parties etc.).

> Certificates and examinations:
Students are assessed regularly. A transcript of records is provided at the end of the semester.
They can obtain a University Diploma in French Studies (DUEF), which is worth 30 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).

The CUEFA is a member of ADCUEFE (Association of French Language Centres in French universities).
The University Diploma in French Studies is recognized by all ADCUEFE members.

> Accommodation:
The CUEFA can help you find accommodation in Avignon. 
See the accommodation application form (pdf).


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